Saturday, October 18, 2014

Take Five

It doesn't take much these days to make any woman feel like life is just...busy.  We find ourselves running from place to place between work, errands, and taking children to various activities.  Or how about frantically trying to finish housework before our husbands get home and supper isn't even close to being finished.  In our busyness, we may find that we don't take time, or feel like we have the time, to tend to our child one-on-one.

There are days when I find myself like this and I have to remind myself to just take five.  Take five minutes, get on my son's level, and show him that in my busyness, he is still my boy and he is my delight. 

So I encourage you as a parent, stop and take five.  Sit down with them in your lap.  Pick them up and dance with them.  Lay on the floor with them and tickle them.  Instead of just giving them five minute warnings (ie five minutes until bedtime, meal time, bath time, etc.), truly give them five minutes of YOU even when you don't feel like you have the time...because you do!

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